Project Immortal

2008-05-23 23:10:28 by oJuniorDo

Bane is a sort of golem, part human part robot. He was built in 2156, during the Clone Age. He was the first of his kind, and more than likely the only of his kind. After being released from the test-tube that he spent 278 days in (yes, he was counting), he blacked out on contact with oxygen. When he awoke, dead bodies of scientists where sprawled around on the ground. Guards where dead, blood spilled everywhere. Other test tubes, perhaps containing his brothers, where destroyed. He stood up and walked over towards a empty, pale green test tube. He was what he had become. I deep gash ran through his face, more than likely from the small razor-sharp swords the guards had on them at the moment. He turned around, and tensed up. He heard footsteps. Was it not him that created this madness? He walked slowly towards where the footsteps where coming from. He saw a figure, not too much detail, but it was lightning fast. It struck him on the back of his neck, rendering him helpless, because his mechanical spine was on the outside, and was fragile on a blind spot behind his head. He fell to the ground in a heap. He blacked out, only hearing the one word - Suffer.

Hours later he stood up, people surrounded him, gaping in horror. He was in the middle of the city, somehow. Five bodies where spread around him in a semi-circle. Blood was all over him, and around him. He didn't know at all what happened. He heard sirens, screams, and lights shown on him. He turned and ran. He dashed through the alleys, officers in tow. He saw a brick bridge up ahead, he looked back and saw guns flaring at him. The bridge was mechanical and had many officers on it. Crap, he thought, surrounded. He was shoved into the middle of the bridge, surrounded by hundreds of people. Only one way out, he jumped off the bridge. All the others saw was a mechanical mass of muscle, dead skin, and metal pass by them. He smashed against the water like a boulder falling from a cliff onto concrete. He didn't know how to swim, his brain thought of gasping for air, but he had no lungs. He was powered by some strange source. Not knowing what he was, he promised he'd find his purpose, and darkly thought of that figure who overcame him. He would find out everything.

Hey guys, story will be tweaked here and there. I came up with it in a month or two. I belieave the finish date will be some time late 2008.

Hope you share ideas. :D

I may realease pictures here.


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2008-05-23 23:12:10

Somebody needs a hug.


2008-05-23 23:48:52

wow that is soooo cool.


2008-05-24 01:11:14

Is this an idea for a flash?